When I Draw, I See.  When I See, I Become. My Art is a subconscious expression of both inner and outer seeing.

I am a Chennai based Artist.

My passion for art , animation and illustration predates my love for Computers and goes  as far back as I can remember.

Somewhere in the early 90s, I had set aside my love for art while pursuing a career in technology, and was very disinterested in art for quite a long while. Around year 2000, while living in the United States, I accidentally discovered Kimon Nicholaides’s writings, whose approach and  teachings changed the way I understood art and it set me on a road of discovery.

After a good number of years working with computers, sometime in 2011, I decided to reduce my time with computers and spend more time on the things I love at a more leisurely fashion.

My approach to art is that Nature provides inspiration and experience and Art enables and enhances the experiences of life. The impressions that life leaves in terms of visual and other sensory input, acts as an ingredient to create unique expressions. I have been painting more in recent years, and the current collection is a mix of representational works which are direct reaction to nature as well as experimental non objective works.

Several influences include Pissaro,  Cezzane, Vermeer and am very intrigued by the writings and works of Wassily Kandinsky and Hans Hoffman.

My art tries to focus on the essence and energy and movement and attempts to captures the total all at once spontaneously.

I had been struggling to find the right rendering means for quite a long time. My fixation with energy, movement and the line prevented me from using most rendering methods. While I liked watercolor as a medium and its fluid and transparent nature, I found the lack of linearity troubling me. Thick impasto while offering direct means also meant I was more actively involved in the process. Towards the end of 2015, I found a perfect mechanism. I was observing a Glass artist create a beautiful sculpture, from molten glass. The sculpture came to life in one go, from molten state to solid state of glass. The manner in which he manipulated the almost liquid like glass, made me want a similar means. I took a very thinned Acrylic paint and poured it on the canvas, and using this method I mixed colors, and created forms and lines. The manner in which the pigments interacted in a fluid form created infinitely many interesting marks. I am continuing to explore this fascinating method of creating paintings.

 I Hold a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy.

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